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Sand of Bone 

“Searingly vivid, and grittily realistic, Sand of Bone slams the reader into a harsh desert world full of complex people, tense moral dilemmas, and an exhilarating jet of the weird. Do not start this one late at night!” — Sherwood Smith

Syrina – descendent of the gods, one of the Velshaan who rule the deserts and deltas, cast out by her bloodkin for daring to reject their intrigues.

They thought exile to Salt Hold – surrounded by parched earth and outcast Blades who despise her – would end her defiance. But Salt is safer than the grand alcazar of home when she uncovers the secrets of commanding sand, fire, water, wind – the power mixed with ambition that nearly destroyed her bloodkin in generations past.

Pyrius was the desert’s most respected Blade Commander until the bloodkin sentenced him to Salt. But he finds a way to keep his Blade vows while still exacting revenge: serve the exiled Velshaan Syrina. When her bloodkin’s threats become actions, Pyrius sets a plan in motion that will either prevent the looming civil war simmering in the desert’s heat or see them all fed to the sands for sedition.

Because Syrina’s ability to touch the desert’s deepest elements is still fickle and raw – too weak to defeat her bloodkin, strong enough her bloodkin want her crushed. But the gods demand a soul in trade, and the fate of the living rests upon the redemption of the dead.

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Serpent Heart

Azim, son of the deposed warrior-prince of Tirhaj, dreams of winged serpents commanding him to retake the city of his birth. But no one will fight beside an impoverished, untested seventeen-year-old until a wealthy patron sends Azim off with coin, warriors, and the assurance of victory. But Azim didn’t consider possible betrayal and contempt, and his sister Aaminah never expected to fight a battle of her own against the conqueror’s son.Trapped by failure and weakened by treachery, bowing to defeat is their best hope. Yet still they hear the serpents call — in dreams, in visions, and in reality.
Seek, Hearts of Tirhaj. Seek, remember, return…


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Sword and Chant


Blood is sweet…
The war between Calligar and Kennem cost Kennem tribes their independence and earned Calligar three costly decades as hated occupiers.  Now Kennem rebels are set to strike their conquerors with ambush, assassination, and terror.

But the rebels don’t know their secret benefactor is the Chant–the long-exiled god of sacrifice and broken dreams, obsessed with rejoining Calligar’s ruling gods.  The Chant cares naught which tribe claims victory, for every battlefield death feeds Him the power of blood willingly spilled for ambition, devotion, and hope.

Shala of Kennem is among the few surviving Swords who stand against the Chant with her god-graced blade, bound to protect Calligar despite her hatred of the slain conqueror’s son.  But Jaynes Rhonnel of Calligar, driven to avenge his murdered father, sets retribution in motion even as the rebels launch their own attack.  Allies challenge his leadership, rebels grow more desperate, and the Chant rushes closer to seizing the domination that once tore Calligar apart.

And when the last Sword falls, the Chant will rise–and sacrifice will be His to savor.

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“All the Way Home”

October 2012

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The Key

August 2012

Originally appeared in Writers of the Future XX

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“Man’s Best Friend”

July 2012

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“Drum and Dance “


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