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Reviewing Reviews

After hanging around writers in various states of publish for the last twenty-plus years, you’d think I’d have internalized the “Don’t read your reviews!” advice.

After hanging around me for not too long, you’d see I can be quietly and subversively hardheaded about certain pieces of advice.

I do indeed read my reviews (a simple process these days, since I don’t get that many).  And I consider what they mean, individually and collectively, about how I’ve connected with readers.

That phrase—connected with readers—is the foundation of my review-reading mindset.  It isn’t about judging “quality;” it is about understanding if what I produced matched the readers’ expectations.

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Nice Words About Sword and Chant

Over at Book View Cafe (a wonderful destination for books!), fabulous writer Sherwood Smith discusses the elements that pull her into a story, and says some wonderful things about Sword and Chant, in her post “I Have To Read That!”

I am absolutely giddy over her description of the book. 🙂