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If You Need A Little Turkey Help…

Last year, I posted elsewhere on how to cook a whole turkey (and the same information works, on a smaller scale for whole chicken).  So here it is for you, Darlings!

* *

Roasting a turkey can be danged intimidating, considering the size of the thing you’re putting in the oven. Me, I learned how to make turkey-roasting, and chicken-roasting, work really well when I was dead broke. A whole bird costs way less than the already-prepped parts, and can provide better meals and nutrition on a tight, tight budget.

But roasting a whole turkey is much easier than cooking shows and sitcoms make it out to be. Here’s my foolproof — yes, foolproof! — way to make your chicken or turkey come out tasty and not-at-all-dry. I’m going to include basic steps, too, because not everyone is accustomed to cooking whole birds.

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