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All Alone and Safe

100_2828According to many people, I put myself in great danger last week. I took an irresponsible risk. I performed an act that, while totally stupid, required great bravery. I did something many others said that they’d like to do, but never would, because of the danger involved.

What did I do?

I—a 44-year-old-woman—camped in a state park without a human companion to share my tent.

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On the Move…

On this big con weekend, I will be transporting my son, my dogs, myself, and all our belongings from Indiana to Colorado.  It’s been a rough couple weeks of packing, prepping, and saying a great many goodbyes.  My dojo and students have been successfully introduced to new instructors.  Other business obligations have been concluded.

I am incredibly excited to move forward in a new place and to build new relationships.  And I’m doubly thrilled I’ll again have the time to get back to SheyKhala so y’all can find out what Syrina, Pyrius, Ehren, and Raskah are up to.

So… I’ll see you after the move is complete!