Sword and Chant

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What Readers Say —

“Beautifully crafted world with engaging, unpredictable characters and conflict. The situations felt so life-like, it seemed like I was reading something written by veteran returned from one of our desert wars.”          —Goodreads Reviewer

“This book will stay with you long after it ends. Highly recommended.”        —Nook Reviewer

“…straddles the boundary between epic fantasy and sword and sorcery in interesting ways. Told in a vivid, sometimes whisperingly passionate, sometimes coldly ironic omni voice, it has culture clash, irruption of the strange into a world full of bloody  conflict, and interesting and complicated women as well as interesting and complicated men. It’s rare, after reading fantasy for more than fifty years, that I can’t predict where a story is going, but this is one.”          — Sherwood Smith, acclaimed author of the Inda Series, Exordium Series, and Crown Duel


In a remote cave, an assassin who hasn’t aged for three decades learns the Iyah of Calligar was assassinated by Kennem rebels. The cause, he knows, is the Chant—the exiled god of sacrifice and broken dreams—and the Chant wants His most favored assassin to take up his blades yet again.

Shala has hidden from assassins all her life, but news of the Iyah’s murder changes everything. She is one of three surviving Swords—descendant of those who cast the Chant into exile generations ago—charged with protecting Calligar from the blood-hungry god’s return despite her hatred of the murdered Iyah’s warlord son.

Jaynes honed his battle-skills on the Kennem border, ruthless in his determination to control the lands his father, the Iyah, conquered. Though his father’s murder requires he return home to see his sister ascend as Iyah, he will see the Kennem rebels scattered and slain despite Shala’s warnings and demands.

But Jaynes doesn’t know every battlefield death feeds and strengthens the Chant.

And Shala doesn’t know the Chant’s assassin is coming for her.

That assassin no longer remembers his own name, but he does know what the Chant has taught him: blood is sweet when the gods offer a taste of it, and fulfilling the Chant’s demands will at last grant the freedom denied him for nearly thirty years.

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Sword and Chant was included in StoryBundle’s Indie Fantasy Bundle.  Click here to read my interview about the novel, writing in general, and the omniscient viewpoint in particular.

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