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For the Curious…

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Self-Publishing: Why Would You Do That?

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Nice Words About Sword and Chant

Over at Book View Cafe (a wonderful destination for books!), fabulous writer Sherwood Smith discusses the elements that pull her into a story, and says some wonderful things about Sword and Chant, in her post “I Have To Read That!”

I am absolutely giddy over her description of the book. 🙂

Now and Soonly

Now, I’m polishing The Key, originally published in the Writers of the Future XX anthology, for re-release as an independent story.  Reviewing the text stirred up old ideas for more characters and plot set in its worlds.  A stand-alone novel, The Slaughterer, has thus been added to the publication schedule.  It’s far in the future because other works are already on the calendar, but can be moved up if conditions are right.

Soonly, I’ll be moving on to the final polish of Sword and Chant, the first novel in The Conquering series, for its release near the end of August.  Its sequel is set for release in March 2013.