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Like the New Look? Want To Review It?

Since I’m behind on just about everything, I did what any good independent author would do: spent hours creating a new ebook cover!


With holiday sales coming up, followed by StoryBundle (more on that soonly!), followed by the anticipated release of Breath of Stone, I wanted Serpent Heart to share some of the same visual elements as the rest.

In coordination with Sand of Bone’s appearance at NetGalley, I’m offering review copies of Serpent Heart as well.  Comment here or drop me a quick line via my contact page if you’d like to receive one!


Sword and Chant — Now Is the Time…


If you haven’t yet checked out Sword and Chant, now you can read it for free!

For a limited time, Sword and Chant is available exclusively through Kindle Unlimited at Amazon.  If you’re already a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can read the novel for free.  If you’re not a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial membership, and then read Sword and Chant (along with other cool novels) for free!

“Vivid, evocative prose, strong characters, definitely not for the faint of heart…. It’s rare, after reading fantasy for more than fifty years, that I couldn’t predict where a story is going, but this was one.” — Sherwood Smith, author of Inda

“Beautifully crafted world with engaging, unpredictable characters and conflict. The situations felt so life-like, it seemed like I was reading something written by veteran returned from one of our desert wars.” — Goodreads reviewer

SerpentCoverBut wait, there’s more!

Serpent Heart is also available through Kindle Unlimited!