The Happenings

My goodness, it’s been a long time, hasn’t time?

The short of the long of it is this:

I’m still finishing out the last of the brain and body recovery from the accident, with the lingering sense of knowing that, while I’m doing marvelously better, there are still things I’m a little slow on. Stalling out when running a kata I’ve known for over a dozen years, having to make a conscious effort to un-hunch my right shoulder because the muscles keeps re-knotting itself, needing to keep far more detailed tracking notes than usual at work… Most folks don’t see a difference in me, but I know how hard I’m working to ensure they don’t.

Speaking of work, I have a new position of the distillery: Operations Administrator. Basically, I get paid to ensure our whiskey gets made and distributed. It’s a damned challenge, coming up to speed on everything I need to know, and I’m absolutely loving it. The staff has been remarkably supportive, my direct supervisor has that perfect balance (for me) of holding extremely high expectations while understanding the time and process it takes to meet them, and the person training me in the intricacies of whiskey supply chain management and regulatory compliance is patient and meticulous. I am incredibly fortunate, my Darlings.

The new job seems, at first glance, that it’ll eat into my life more than my current work arrangements as a freelancer.

Quite the opposite, actually.

The benefits and consistent income not only reduce the number the hours I must spend chasing income, they vastly reduce the creativity-eating stress that goes along with that chase. That means my non-day-jobbery hours will be mine and mine alone, and I needn’t constantly weight what sort of writing I ought to be doing. This is a good, wonderful, and marvelous thing for my fiction.

Lastly, I’m weighing some options with Patreon. As you might have read elsewhere, Patreon has restructured their fees. Where once I, as the creator, accepted those fees as a standard cost (and tax deduction) of doing business, Patreon has decided to shift that burden to the patrons, and that burden is in addition to the patrons’ pledged amounts.

I think this sucks, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised or personally hurt if any of y’all decided to pull the plug on my Patreon.

I’m looking into other options—everything from joining another platform, to adding a PayPal link here, to completely shutting down my Patreon. I’ll make a decision within the next two weeks so I can notify everyone before the January 1 payments are pulled. If you have an opinion on this, please feel free to post it here, or drop me an email if you’d prefer.

So that’s the quickie update! More soon to follow—including the exact release date of the cookbook, the fight-writing book, the third installment of Desert Rising, and an article on how the decision to not report assault and harassment is an understandable act of self-defense.


2 thoughts on “The Happenings”

  1. Lovely to hear you’re making progress on mending! Personally, I don’t object to paying the fee on Patreon and your work is definitely worth a few more percent to support. I do think Patreon should have surveyed it’s members on this decision and allowed the members to announce it (if they wished). Or set up a parallel system so patrons and members could choose their own paths. But it’s a cost I’m quite willing to accept in order to support creators.

  2. I must have missed a few updates as I don’t recall reading about the accident (or, I’m losing my mind which, in truth, is entirely possible). Still, glad you’re on the mend and sorry it’s slow. Hopefully, recovery will get close to 100%.

    As for the job . . . that also threw me for a loop. I remember you said you were hired, but I must have also missed the whiskey distributor part. What can I say . . . cheers!.

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