Merry Camping Ahead…

powerSee that beautiful thing? It’s my Christmas joy, given by my brother-in-law as part of our family Secret Santa exchange.* He joked that he bought me one so I’d stop borrowing his. I told him it was his own fault for suggesting it would be a great camping accessory. 🙂

Yes, it’s great for emergencies–it’ll jumpstart a car, forex–but it’s the camping applications that make me love it so.

The last time I took my BIL’s charger along, I tested how much battery power it took to keep my Kindle and phone fully charged over three days.  By the end of the experiment, I’d recharged my used-until-dead Kindle three times, and my used-not-as-much phone twice.  The charging unit’s battery level had merely nudged down to around 97%.

Coming experiments will include discovering how long it’ll run my laptop, and what affects the power drain.  The first attempt got around six hours of active laptop and wireless use (in addition to the two-ish hours I get from the laptop battery).

My writerly camping trips are about to get WAY more productive.  Or at least differently productive.

Y’see, the usual writerly camping trip tends to revolve around plotting and editing, with some handwritten first drafting.  Truly, I love writing by hand, and part of me misses the days when I wrote first and second drafts with black extra-fine Uniball pens on college-ruled notebook paper in a three-ring binder.  But… I’ve also grown accustomed to the greater speed a keyboard allows me when my thoughts start running ahead of my cursive.

This lovely unit will permit me to flip open the laptop at those moments without fear I’ll suddenly run out of power before finishing.

Of course, now I desperately want to hide in a wooded campground for three days.

Alas, January!

On the other hand… March isn’t that far away…


*Our family shifted from the gifts-for-everyone model to Secret Santa many years ago, and I can’t tell you how wonderful it is move into the holidays without massive financial and shopping stress. We draw names at the end of Thanksgiving dinner, keep our draw secret, then exchange the gifts on Christmas Eve. Yes, the kids still get Santa presents, and special presents from parents.


3 thoughts on “Merry Camping Ahead…”

  1. I don’t remember how long you’ve lived there, but March still seems a bit early to plan camping. Then again, I don’t camp.

    The latest blizzard — and I mean blizzard, not just snow — we had during in our 11 years of living in Colorado was in the Month of May; it wasn’t a fluke. Per our experience, March, April, and May were the months we worried most about the weather when considering being away from home for more than a day or so.

    That said, there are days in January and February that will top the high 60s and low 70s and that might be the better choices for camping . . . we found that out one year when we traveled to Florida to get away from the cold weather and it was warmer back in Monument than in the Florida Panhandle.

    Still, nice gift.

    1. You are most certainly correct about March; I think that’s when I nearly ended up camping in a blizzard last year, come to think of it! I’m still figuring out weather patterns here… which seem to have very little in the way of true pattern. 😉

      Maybe I’ll cross my fingers for a couple of those gorgeous February days, and hold off on the other camping until May.

      1. Nothing is for sure, but January and February were usually dry months. Spring is where we got most of the snow events. Of course, it’s near the mountains, ergo unpredictable is the norm.

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