Playing With Titles

I’m weary of referring to Book Three and Book Four, so I’m kicking around ideas.

I’ve mentioned before I want to keep the same rhythm for Three and Four — NOUN of NOUN.

The frontrunners right now are a word-match of ash, flesh, flame matched with life and strife.

Flame of Strife
Ash of Life

Flesh of Strife
Flame of Life

Ash of Strife
Blood of Life

Flesh of Life
Ash of Strife

… I don’t know. *stares at options*

And I don’t yet have a clue what I’ll do for covers. It’s not as if I can have the heads pop in from the top and bottom of picture this time. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Playing With Titles”

  1. Re titles, I don’t like the way the “flesh of” titles sound in my mouth. Maybe it’s just me, but “flesh of” just doesn’t flow smoothly for me, neither out loud nor mentally.

    So, of the other two options (which I do like), I think it matters how the story arc continues. If book three focuses on the flaring of the conflicts in the desert and ends with at least one character in a bitter scenario (possibly setting readers up for relief in the finale), Flame of Strife/Ash of Life sounds more appropriate. On the other hand, if book three focuses on the bitterness of the conflict and contrasts that with at least one plot thread about the resurgence, or persistence, of life in the face of such odds, then Ash of Strife/Blood of Life feels more fitting.

    As for the cover, you’ve got a good thing going now. Why do you feel you need to have it be substantially different? Could you put the face on the opposite side again (L – R – L – R) and perhaps put the eye lower and the title on the upper half of the cover? You might also play with making the desert scene in the background show a city in the distance, or something else significant from the story…

  2. I had squirmy feelings about flesh, too. It sounded more… horror novel, I suppose.

    Those are helpful cover notions! This is why I muse about such things aloud. 🙂 Thank you!

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