Horse and Writer

Today, I want to share some info and opportunities from Judith Tarr — a fantastic writer, editor and mentor who does this other awesome thing.

Horse camp for writers.  With Lipizzans!

Darlings, this is really, really cool.  Had I the funds, I’d go in a heartbeat.  In fact, it’s one of those things I’ve been planning to do, and would have already scheduled had the Very Big Project not been delayed for months.  (And still pending…)

But times have been tough at Dancing Horse Farms.  I’ve been in that position — when one thing after another chips away at savings, at time, at the ability to get back on top.  The consequences of the temporary setbacks could result in permanent loss.

It doesn’t need to be that way!

Judy is offering a sale on her editing and mentoring services.  She is witty and sharp, award-winning, extensively experienced in multiple publishing paths, and heartily supportive of writers who self-publish!

And she is offering discounts on horse camps!  You don’t have to schedule anything right now, but making a deposit for the experience right now would go a long ways toward bridging the current funding gap.  If you don’t want to go or can’t go, sponsor or partially sponsor someone else!*

If you do sign up for the horse camp, I’ll drive down to Dancing Horse Farms myself and meet you, if you want.  We’ll all hang out, talk writers and writing and the writing business.  I’ll cook one of my writer-recipes of your choice, if Judy will let me in her kitchen. 🙂  Heck, I’ll throw in self-defense training fun for all!

We’re a community, we writers and readers.  How and when we extend helping hands in support of each other determines how strong of a community we build.

So go now and check out her post on the matter, which includes the possibility of sponsoring one of her magnificent horses, too.

Questions?  Please ask!  And pretty-please spread the word around.



*No, do not sponsor me.  That doesn’t seem right, since I’m the one making the suggestion. 🙂



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