Resolutions for a Balanced New Year

playI will choose and understand my life priorities before I entertain, let alone commit to, “measureable” goals. For example, “My son and I will have conversation today” is a much higher priority than “I will write 1000 words every day.”  What I produce will not be deemed of greater value and importance than who I am and the connections I want to preserve with family and friends.

I will give more weight to my mental and physical health, and the needs of the actual human beings in my life, than I do to word counts, bookings, and schedules. Certainly there are those who will assume I’m speaking from a place of privilege, as someone who must be able to set aside Real Life Responsibilities for some squishy emotional goal. Nope. The past almost-ten years haven’t been a stroll down the primrose path, darlings, and frankly, the journey was made more emotionally difficult by production-focused people at the edges of my life who looked down on my decision to invest time in my son and family rather than a monetary venture.  I wasted time feeling bad about their snubs. I won’t do that again.

If a fill-in-the-blank guru tells me I must perform X tasks in order to reach Y goal, or I’m not really ever going to get Y goal, I will merely assume the guru is telling the truth and move on. It’s very, very easy to get caught up in the Secret of Success Rhetoric. The industry is just as savvy as the diet industry when it comes to guilting people into handing over the lives (and money) in order to prove themselves Not A Loser. Many gurus thrive on enforcing methods that in reality force a person to neglect health, friendships, family, and life experiences for the sake of meeting goals, and will insinuate you’re a lazy, unworthy person if you’re not willing to make those sacrifices. There is no success I could achieve that would be worth such neglect.  I will not be shamed into acting otherwise.

I will more loudly rejoice when I do well. I will share my successes rather than humbly swallow them. Screw that Tall Poppy madness. I invite everyone else to do the same.

And above all, I wish everyone a 2016 that has more laughter than fear, more moments worth remembering than days worth forgetting, more tears shared in the company of others than wept alone, more encouragement in times of doubt than doubt in times of difficulty, and more time with people you love than longings for those beyond reach.


6 thoughts on “Resolutions for a Balanced New Year”

  1. Balancing life and work is always a challenge. I like your planned path!

    I think a lot of us struggle with the distractions of life (e.g. watching the latest show on TV) vs. quality time vs. writing. I wonder whether the highly goal-oriented among us tend to categorize the first two together — which in my mind is a big mistake.

    I think a critical difference is whether whatever-it-is provides life and growth (as do investing in family, or new skills, or health).
    If it does, it is important to prioritize it appropriately.

    The real trick is determine what is life giving 🙂
    It gets especially sticky when a little bit is life-giving, but a lot becomes a distraction. Media (social and otherwise) springs to mind!

    The thing I struggle with myself is that the appropriate balance is often apparent in retrospect, but not at the time. I guess I’ll just have to keep adjusting . . . .

    Best wishes for a wonderful, balanced, New Year!

    1. I hear ya on the understanding of hindsight. 🙂 I’m forever weighing and adjusting and shifting my priorities.

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