If You’re Ready To Join SFWA…

…the doors are now open to writers whose income comes solely from small press and self-publishing.

Cat Rambo, current VP of SFWA, has posted the basics of how writers can now apply for membership.

ETA: The first 24 hours brought in about 30 applications!

This is a work in progress,  That is a good thing.  Rather than attempt to carve into stone absolute directives about every single possibility, SFWA is looking to be flexible and open to different avenues of writerly income earning.  Some folks will be troubled by the lack of black/white lines.  Most folks, I suspect, will appreciate the opportunity to explore what lies outside those lines.

One of those most awesome “outside the lines” opportunities can be found in crowdfunding.  Yes, your Kickstarter (and similar) funding can count toward membership because it is real writing income.  As real as an advance.  As real as work-for-hire.  As real as any other form of “reader values your work enough to pay for it.”

And if you’re such a writer wondering if joining would be worth it, take a listen to tomorrow night’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Marketing podcast.  Their guest will be M.C.A. Hogarth — dedicated and prolific indie writer, head of SFWA’s self-publishing committee, and currently candidate for SFWA vice-president.  She will have answers galore!  You can listen to it live at 9PM, or you can listen later on the website.

If you have questions, ask them here, ask them there, ask them–ask them–everywhere!