Meet the Indie Fantasy StoryBundle Authors


Whether you already own the Indie Fantasy Bundle and are enjoying the eight novels, or are still deciding to choose your own price for the collection, here’s your opportunity to learn more about the writers and their novels!  There’s talk about epics and alchemy, windships and wishes, honor and secrets, politics and subversion.

Bradley Beaulieu, The Winds of Khalakovo

Sherwood Smith, Lhind the Thief

C.J. Brightley, The King’s Sword

Judith Tarr, Arrows of the Sun

Francesca Forrest, Pen Pal

Scott Marlowe, The Five Elements

Blair MacGregor, Sand of Bone

M.C.A. Hogarth, The Worth of A Shell

Remember the Indie Fantasy Bundle ends February 11, 2015!


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