Deserts, Military Influences, and What I Drink


As the fabulous Indie Fantasy Bundle enters its final week (That’s right–only seven days left!), the very cool author M.C.A. Hogarth asked me some questions about Sand of Bone.

Knowing your background as a martial arts teacher, I wasn’t at all surprised at the authenticity of the fight and training scenes in your novel. What did surprise me was how well you captured the military culture! Do you have any background in that, or is it something you picked up in some other way?

I’ve never served in the military, but those who serve and have served are a big part of my life. I work with National Guard families through my dojo, my adult students have included many military folks, and my late husband served in the Army.

But the biggest military influence came from my father, who continued in the Naval Reserves for more than twenty years. I grew up watching war movies and documentaries, reading books by Ernest Gunn, and visiting military museums and battlefields. We talked frankly about duty, honor, commitment, and sacrifice.

You can find the complete interview here!

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