The “I Can’t Make It To Worldcon!” Sale

Maybe you can’t make it to Worldcon, but you can meet a new author or spend some time with a favorite one, without spending too much money.

Starting today, August 14, you can pick up any of the titles below at special staying-home prices.   Sword and Chant is included at the sale price of $1.99 for Kindle and Nook .

The sale ends August 20, so pick them up now, let your friends know, and enjoy!


All is Silence

Robert L. Slater

What if death forgot you?
Lizzie, suicidal teen, searches for reasons to live and a stranger she thought was dead in this realistic apocalypse.


(regularly $6.99)

Kindle | Nook | Kobo

The Armor of Light

Melissa Scott & Lisa A. Barnett

Dark magic threatens Elizabeth I of England.
Royal agents Sir Philip Sidney and Christopher Marlowe are sent to track the evil to its source, but at least one of their patrons would prefer that the culprit was never found…


(regularly $3.99)

Kindle | ePub | PDF | PRC

Dance for the Ivory Madonna

Don Sakers

The cyber-thriller that predicted Google Glass
“Imagine a Stand on Zanzibar written by a left-wing Robert Heinlein, and infused with the most exciting possibilities of the new cyber-technology: Dance for the Ivory Madonna.” -Melissa Scott

$1.99 / £0.99

(regularly $3.99/£2.49)

Kindle US | Kindle UK

Death by Silver

Melissa Scott & Amy Girswold

Murder and magic in a Victorian London that never was.
Metaphysician Ned Mathey certified that the Nevett family silver held no curse, but Nevett patriarch is dead, struck down by a silver candlestick. Can Mathey and his sometime lover Julian Lynes find out what really happened before more people die?


(regularly $9.99)

ePub | PDF | PRC

The Emperor’s Agent

Jo Graham

Courtesan, actress, mediumspy
Elza is Napoleon’s secret agent, tasked with uncovering a British spy in the camps of the Grand Army.  With the life of the man she loves hanging in the balance, it will take all her cunning, charm, and a magical ability she is only beginning to learn to use.


(regularly $4.99)

Kindle | ePub | PDF | PRC

Railroad Spine

Geonn Cannon

Steampunk adventure.  
After having her child taken from her for the crime of sharing knowledge, an airship captain teams up with a group of terrorists to bring down an oppressive government.


(regularly $3.99)


Somewhere in the Middle of Eternity

edited by Phil Giunta

Thirteen imaginative tales of horror, science fiction, fantasy and the supernatural by Daniel Patrick Corcoran, Michael Critzer, Phil Giunta, Amanda Headlee, Susanna Reilly, Stuart S. Roth, Lance Woods and Mark Time & Parsec Award-Winner Steven H. Wilson.


Use Smashwords coupon HN84Y

(regularly $2.99)

Kindle | ePub | PDF | LRF | RTF | PDB | TXT

Sword and Chant

Blair MacGregor

Epic Fantasy
Shala and Jaynes are enemies, but they must lead their people to reconcile before the god of sacrifice – strengthened by mortal bloodshed – grows powerful enough to crush any who defy His commands.


(regularly $4.99)

Kindle | Nook


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