StoryBundle Submissions

So I’m curating a fantasy bundle for StoryBundle. I’ve begun reviewing submissions and would love to see more.

What I’m looking for: Epic, sword & sorcery, traditional, diverse, and/or dark fantasy. Clean writing and sharp pacing. Well-developed characters, comprehensive worldbuilding, and coherent magical/supernatural elements. Fully edited and proofread, properly formatted, cover art in place.

Things I’m not looking for: Paranormal, urban, YA, or grimdark fantasy.

If you’re not familiar with StoryBundle, you can check out my experience as a writer.  In the StoryBundle archives, you can check out past bundles, interviews from writers, and FAQS about how the process works.

To submit your novel, send the MOBI or EPUB file to If you want to ask questions first, go ahead and ask in comments or send me an email.



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