Revisions Completed (Until Next Time)

Today, I completed the deep revisions for Sand of Bone.

Pause for extended fanfare of trumpets…

I’ll have to wait for beta-reader feedback to know how close the novel is to the proofread-for-publication stage, but I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

Currently, the novel comes in around 128K words.  Somehow — despite the fact I completely altered and expanded the worldbuilding, and let myself play much more with dialog — I cut nearly 30K from the previous draft.  Thirty thousand words!  I don’t know where they went.  I feel as if I’m actually telling more story than before those words disappeared.

I had all sorts of things I wanted to say about revisions, and writing, and writing as a form of reading, but I’m honestly just too danged tired.  So off to bed with me, so the brain shall function tomorrow.

And I’ll play that fanfare again.  I earned it.

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