The Annual Viable Paradise Post

A few folks have ended up at my website via a search for information on Viable Paradise, so I figure it’s time for an “official” post.

For those who don’t know, Viable Paradise is a week-long workshop for writers of science fiction and fantasy.  I attended in October 2011 and cannot overstate what the experience did for my writing, my confidence, and finding my “place” in a community of creative people.  In the past, I’ve referred folks back to my LiveJournal posts for more information.  I’ve decided to just report them here, where it’ll be easier for the majority for folks to find them.

The first is Between the Words.

The second is Deciding About Viable Paradise.

If you really, really, really want to read them at LiveJournal, click here, then find “Viable Paradise” in the tag listing on the left.

DO NOT rule out the workshop if you currently or intend to self-publish.  Yes, I know its material indicates it’s geared more toward selling to traditional markets.  Honestly, that doesn’t matter.  I attended, already intending to self-publish.  My classmates have self-published, as have numerous other Viable Paradise grads.  Some of the Viable Paradise instructors self-publish.  What you’ll gain in craft and community is incredible, and that has nothing to do with the method of publication.

If you have questions, most certainly ask them.

If you know someone who might be interested, pass the links along.

If you’re sitting there wondering about it… read all the links again.  Then apply.  Because it really is worth every moment.

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