In Deep

I’m nearly finished with the rewrite of Sand of Bone.

Hmm.  “Rewrite” sounds too small.  It’s turned into more of a total remodeling–the kind that involves stripping off three layers of disgusting wallpaper so the walls can be patched, ripping up tattered carpet so the original wood floors can be restored, replacing the windows, putting on a new roof, and upgrading the plumbing and electrical.  Then I’ll set to revisions–new brass hardware, intricate moldings, so on and so forth.  By the time it’s done, about the only thing I won’t have done is jack the novel from its foundations to put it in a new location.  (Been there, done that, see Sword and Chant.)

This is, frankly, the point I planned to reach about this time last year.  (Never underestimate the power and influence of grieving.)  More than once, I’ve been troubled by my lack of steady–let alone exceptional!–progress over the year.  I’ve decided to let that go.  I’m not under any contractual obligations, just the expectations I set for myself.  And though my lack of new offerings have most certainly hurt sales of Sword and Chant, that novel isn’t going to disappear or go out of print.  Once Sand of Bone and its sequel Breath of Stone go up, Sword and Chant will still be there.

So back I go to rewrites and revisions.  That means I won’t really update anything else online right now.  Other than playing on Twitter–where I can drop in and out of chats when I have the time–I’ve gone a tad quiet.

What’s also quite wonderful is I have in hand a novel written by one of my Viable Paradise classmates.  That means I have the perfect bridge between my own writing sprints!  Nothing spurs me on to write more, and strive to write better, than to read awesome stories by others.

Surrender Your Words!

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