If You Have Kids, Know Kids, Teach Kids–

ClearCamaraFeb2013 112

Y’all know that, in addition to writing, I teach karate. I teach seminars on other topics as well—wellness, nutrition, failure, resilience, and so forth. I even teach other people how to be better teachers. The one thing I can do with relative ease is stand in front of a bunch of people and tell them how to do stuff in clear and entertaining ways.

But regardless of the teaching I’ve done for more than two decades, I have never seen a presentation that so clearly and simply demonstrates how often, and in how many ways, we teachers fail those with learning challenges as this one by Richard Lavoie.

It isn’t a lecture. It’s an opportunity to see how a collection of kind and supportive teachers and parents cope with suddenly becoming “learning disabled.”  Even if you don’t teach, even if you’re not a parent, viewing the presentation will give enlightenment and understanding.

Clear an hour of your time. The video is worth that small investment.

If you don’t believe me, try the first ten minutes. My guess is you’ll find a way to clear that hour.

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