Decision Made

So I’m waiting for my parents to arrive, and hoping they either beat the line of icky storms or choose to hang out at a coffee shop until it passes.

In the meantime, I’m tinkering with the NaNo project.  I’ve decided to focus on the urban fantasy–Crossroads of America–because I (a) have the research at my fingertips, and (b) grew more excited the more I thought about it.

I love the characters.  There’s Jacqueline, who prefers to go by Jack–an early-thirties Californian geocaching her way across the country to escape the demons of her past.  There’s Luke–an early-thirties martial arts instructor who hangs out with an informal group of folks interested in and/or with an affinity for supernatural matters.  There’s Wyatt–a farmer and medium–and Carrie–an intuitive who works with the Indiana Geological Survey  And there’s Duncan–Jack’s best friend, who knows the secrets she wants to forget.

On the other side, there’s Mark–a young man who isn’t entirely stable–and the Ditch Devil–who takes full advantage of Mark’s ambition and ego-fueled gullibility.

And I throw all those people into museums, war memorials, old catacombs, and planetariums.  And there might be wolves.

I’ve been in love with this concept for years.  I want to make it happen!

Familial and work obligations will take the first few days of the month, but I have decided it won’t matter if I “finish” NaNo with 50K words.  The who idea of NaNoWriMo is what’s driving me to finally–finally!–give this novel the time it deserves.

Oh yeah… I should probably finish the Sand revisions, too.

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