Worldbuilding Through Writing

Remember when I mentioned my worldbuilding process, and my penchant for making major worldbuilding changes when needed?  How worldbuilding with charts and diagrams and questionnaires didn’t work for me?

Over at Book View Café, Katherine Kerr discusses Sagas, Series, and Just Plain Long Books.  About halfway through the entry, I found this wonderful gem:

“Now, some people, more sensible than I am, would have sat down with a couple of notebooks and rationally figured out the answers to all these questions.  They would have taken their decisions, possibly based on research, back to the original novella and revised and rewrote until they had a nice short novel.  Those of us addicted to sagas, however, are not sensible people.  Instead of notes and charts, I wrote more fiction.”

And my brain screamed, “That’s it! That’s what I’m doing!”

As a writer, and as a reader, I am indeed addicted to sagas (series, not so much), and I love the way Kerr ties the creation of saga to the writerly process of worldbuilding through story.

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