Wishing For Greatness

I’m handing today’s Blog Challenge question–“What is the thing you most wish you were great at?”–to Jaynes from Sword and Chant.

He wishes, more than anything, that he could be a great leader rather than a feared warrior.

His father, Maradek, first earned his country’s respect by leading his tribe against the invasion of warriors known for their brutality.  After he succeeded his mother as chieftain of the tribe and ruler of the country, Maradek conquered a neighboring land, believing it the best way to protect his own people.

Thirty years after, Jaynes is facing the consequences of that conquering and occupation.  But he doesn’t know how to negotiate or compromise with the enemy chieftains.  He doesn’t know how to deal with people he doesn’t like–enemy or ally–and he doesn’t like to be wrong.  He does a great job directing those who agree with him.  He has no idea how to convince those who don’t.  Leadership outside a warrior’s role was never to have been his task.

Worst of all, Jaynes knows he’s failing, and he knows people are suffering because of his failure.  Since force seems to solve the problem in the short term, he falls back on it when his attempts to actually lead collapse.  And that causes more problems.

And Jaynes knows that, too.

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