I’m An Animal

Today’s post-prompt asks what sort of animal I would be.

First of all, I am an animal, using the broadest definition of the term.

I don’t think I’d make a very good other-kind-of-animal, though.  Wild pack animals are cool, but the whole groveling-for-alpha part doesn’t appeal.  The thought of being a marine animal creeps me out because I don’t much like the open water.  I’d never choose to be a little mammal because, you know, Food Chain.  The longterm outlook for larger mammals seems to be not so great.  We’re not even going to touch the topic of reptiles; they’re pretty cool, but I wouldn’t want to live in one.

A horse?  No, I don’t want to live life fearing the Horse-Eating-Fill-In-The-Blank.  Cat?  Nope.  Elephant!  No, scratch that.  Being a smart, emotional creature hounded by little animals that shout and carry guns would be awful.  I’d end up going on a rampage.

Perhaps I’m overthinking this.

So… maybe a dog?  Yes.  A pack animal, but usually not in a canine pack.  Something big but sweet with protective instincts and decent manners.

Aha.  A Newfoundland.  Also known as Nana in Peter Pan.  That’ll work.

I’ll just ignore the drool issue.

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