I Write Like…

Here’s a little piece of fun.

Here’s the site I Write Like.  You can paste a chunk of your text into the box, and their program will analyze it to tell you what famous writer you supposedly write like.

I chose a chunk of Sword and Chant then, because I’m the curious sort, pulled a bunch of paragraphs from a current work-in-progress, The Drunkard.  I chose Drunkard because its style is quite different from Chant.  I wanted to see what the program did with the pieces.

Drunkard came back as being similar to Margaret Mitchell, author of Gone With the Wind.  It’s been an awfully long time since I read GWtW, but the comparison surprised me greatly.

Sword and Chant resulted in the claim I write like William Shakespeare.  I don’t know how accurate this analyzer is, but I’ll admit to grinning.

Alas, the code included at the link won’t show up here properly.  So if you want to try your own writing, go here.


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