What’s Up With Sand of Bone

You might be among the small handful of folks who are wondering what happened to the weekly chapters of Sand of Bone.

I stopped for two reasons.

First, as I wrote through the end, I decided to make important structural and worldbuilding changes that will carry back all the way to the novel’s opening chapters.  Continuing to post chapters I know are now “wrong” seemed… well, wrong.

Second, I’m wrestling with time again.  April through June were supposed to be easier on the schedule.  Alas, the death of my dearest friend and my son’s godmother stripped my heart for weeks.  Thus production goals for Sand of Bone are being pushed out.

The good news: Sand of Bone will be the story I want to tell today rather than the story my younger, less experienced self was fumbling toward.  It’ll be a solid fantasy set in the desert–with strong women and strong men on all sides, who have to deal with historical expectations, family dynamics, and ghosts who can’t interfere nearly as much as they’d like.  In the end, people must decide if “doing the right thing” is still the right thing if choosing it results in the death of other people who haven’t the ability to choose.


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