Being Peevish

Why, yes, I did lose two days of my life to clients, karate training, and a dog show.  I could stress out about falling behind, or I could simply go forward.  I’m in a go-forward sort of mood.

So.  A few of my pet peeves—those petty day-to-day things that I just can’t help but complain about even though I know my complaining is completely unproductive.

Great big lawns.  I have one myself, mind, because my landlord requires I keep the half-acre nicely mowed.  But where it a lawn I owned, I’d seed it with native grasses, wildflowers, paw paws, dogwood and hawthorn.  At the moment, the big lawn does nothing but provide ground cover that requires time and fuel to maintain—time and fuel that produces nothing of use.  I’d much rather have my own private wood.

Tailgaters.  Not the party-at-the-game kind, but the on-the-road type. Riding close to my bumper does not result in me speeding up.  I will instead slow down so the impact of being rear-ended is lessened.  And I’ll give a merry wave and a smile when the tailgater swerves around me to race ahead, and an even merrier wave and smile when—a mile up the road—I pull up next to the tailgater at the red light that stops us both at the same time.

Snark that punches down.  It says a great deal about one’s character, making snide remarks about someone with less power, influence, money, ability, and privilege.  It’s a linguistic smirk that insults while, at the same time, tries to show off in order to gain the approval of one’s peers.

Animated gifs on social media pages.  Yes, the movement catches my eye.  And catches, and catches and catches…  I find it totally distracting while trying to read the actual entry.  If the animation plays once, that’s cool.  But if it keeps going and going, I’ll likely scroll past whatever was written just to get the jumping, spinning, flashing thing off my screen.

Misplaced apostrophes.  I’m not troubled by the ones that show up in quick communications or casual postings/emails.  I can’t stand the ones in supposedly edited material or on big business signs that make what ought to be plurals into possessives.  It’s one of the simplest grammar rules to follow.

Little things, all of them, but that’s what peeves are.  The really big issues–bullying, child raising, health care and so forth–fall into a category far beyond what “peeve” could encompass.

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