On Self-Publishing: An Informed Article

From Forbes, The Future of Self-Publishing:

There is a steep learning curve to self-publishing, and it’s one that not every author wants to, or is able to climb. If you have a traditional publishing deal and you’re happy with it, why would you want to take on all that extra work? As Abercrombie says, publishers can do all that for you.

However, going the traditional route doesn’t come without its own overheads. As a fledgling author seeking a deal, ie is at the same point in their career as the newbie self-publisher, one has to learn how to write compelling synopses of your work, how to write a query letter, figure out which agents are accepting unsolicited manuscripts and how to format that manuscript appropriately.”

And how to adapt to the submission preferences of each agent, track responses or lack thereof, remain up-to-date on agents that are considered good and reputable, perhaps invest in conventions and workshops in order to meet and hear directly from attending agents and editors…

The article also points out how self-publishing processes will adapt and develop to better serve the market, and many self-publishers will manage that learning curve just fine.


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